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Study with Middle East's no. 1 CPP/CPPM training provider. Join us from anywhere in the world. We have over 10 years of experience offering procurement certifications.

American Purchasing Society

The American Purchasing Society is one of foremost certification bodies and an elite association of buyers and purchasing managers worldwide.

The American Purchasing Society is a professional association of buyers and purchasing managers and was the first organization to establish certification for buyers and purchasing professionals

Introduction to CPP and CPPM

The Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) program is for professionals who have demonstrated the skills to successfully implement improved purchasing and supply chain practices as part of a business solution in an organization.

The Certified Professional Purchasing Manager (CPPM) program should be obtained for anyone in a managerial position. As a prerequisite, this CCPM certification program requires that Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) Certification already be obtained.

Both of the certifications are awarded by the American Purchasing Society USA after the successful completion of training and exams. Excellence Training Centre is an authorised training provider with American Purchasing Society.

Benefits of CPP / CPPM

These purchasing certification programs are important to people in purchasing and supply chain management for a number of valid reasons.

Business management recognizes the growing complexity and heavy demands of the purchasing and supply chain operation. Executives need the assurance that their purchasing and supply chain managers and buyers are adequately trained, reliable, and dedicated to their professions.

There is a growing realization in the business world that only professionals can get the job done in a professional manner. The American Purchasing Society award of certification provides general management a high degree of confidence in the ability and integrity of the people who have been or will be selected to do the job.

Also, there is ample precedent reflecting the benefits of professional certification in the history of other areas of business operation, such as engineering, accounting, law, computer engineering, etc.

Other facts supporting the need for certified supply chain managers and certified purchasing professionals include a marked degree of improvement in personal confidence, satisfaction, and pride, which results from certification - and it is manifested by improved performance on the part of the certified individual. Also, purchasing management certification permits closer control of spurious purchasing and supply chain practices and offers opportunities for increased earning levels in purchasing and supply chain operations based on recognition of professional competence and performance. A nationwide survey conducted by the Society indicated that those who earned the CPP from APS earned an average of 23.4% more than other purchasing and supply chain professionals.

Why become CPP / CPPM

International Recognition

Both CPP / CPPM certifications come from American Purchasing Society, whose certifications are recognized all over the world.

Better Jobs / Salaries

Larger companies that pay more prefer recruiting professionals in procurement who have certifications like CPP / CPPM. Also qualified candidates have been known to earn at least 40% higher salaries.

Pass Guarantee

The CPP / CPPM course at Excellence Training Center comes with a pass guarantee. All our candidates end up passing the exam. If you do not pass, join the next batches for free

Learn best practices

By completing the certifications you will know what the best companies in the world are doing in terms of their procurement and you can bring those practices to your company.

The Exam

- Only one computer based exam for each.
- 100 Multiple Choice Questions
- Exam held at our training centre

Eligibility Criteria

CPP – Certified Purchasing Professional

Either 3 years of work experience related to purchasing OR 2 years work experience related to purchasing + a bachelor’s degree

CPPM – Certified Purchasing Professional

Candidates can only apply for CPPM if they have already got CPP certificate or if they are applying for both CPP and CPM together.

Course Content
CPP (Certified Purchasing Professional)
  1. Introduction to Purchasing
    1. Purchasing Cycle
    2. Purchasing System
    3. Purchasing Steps
  2. Procurement Planning
    1. Advance Purchase Planning
    2. Purchasing Complexity
    3. Procurement Planning Content
  3. Procurement Methods
    1. Price Competitive Approach
    2. Blanket Purchase Agreements
    3. Electronic Procurement
  4. Negotiation Strategies
    1. Steps in Negotiating
    2. Tools in Negotiating
    3. Types of Negotiations
  5. Contracts
    1. Introduction and Overview
    2. Elements of a Contract
    3. Duties and Obligations
    4. Types of Purchasing Contracts
  6. Sources of Supply
    1. Order of Precedence
    2. Make or Buy
    3. Lease Purchase Analysis
  7. Solicitation
    1. Solicitation Planning
    2. Written Solicitation
  8. Supplier Ratings
    1. Categorical Method
    2. Cost Point Method
    3. Vendor Profile Analysis
  9. International Sourcing
    1. Overview of Worldwide Sourcing
    2. Offshore and Domestic Purchasing
    3. Trade Barriers
    4. Currency Risk Management
    5. Currency Adjustment Factors
    6. Currency Hedging
    7. Global Sourcing Strategies
  10. Purchasing and Strategy Development
    1. Linking Purchasing and Corporate Strategy
    2. Purchasing Goals and Objectives
    3. Purchasing Strategy Development Process
    4. Types of Purchasing Strategy
    5. Supply Management
  11. Purchasing Management
    1. The importance of Management
    2. Interpersonal skills
    3. Management Functions
    4. Globalization
  12. Management
    1. Functions of Management
    2. Levels of Management
    3. Management Theory
  13. Strategic management
    1. Strategic approaches
    2. Understanding the Vision and Mission
    3. Strategic Management Process
  14. Purchasing Consulting
    1. Project and Engagement
    2. GAP Analysis
    3. Purchasing Evaluation and Benchmarking Review
    4. Advanced Consulting Skill


CPPM (Certified Professional Purchasing Manager)


a.       Module 1 – Management

a.       Functions of Management

b.       Levels of Management

c.       Management Theory

d.       Strategic Management


b.      Module 2 - Strategic Supply Chain Management

a.       Supply-Production-Distribution System

b.       Stages in SCM

c.       Retailing d. Distribution

d.       Manufacturing

e.       Transportation

f.        Inventory Management

g.       Decision phases in SCM

h.       RFID

i.         Case studies


c.       Module 3 - Human Resources Management

a.       Introduction to Human Resources Management

b.       Purchasing Manager as a Leader

c.       Managing Careers

d.       Motivation

e.       Performance Management & Appraisals



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