OET – Occupational English Test

Get OET - Occupational English Test certificate and  prove you have got the correct level of English to work in the medical field.

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About our OET training program

In our OET Occupational English test training program, you’ll be learning the kind of dialect you require at your day to day work.

the reason why healthcare experts select OET is:

  • Easy to pass exams, as well as it uses real healthcare scenarios.
  • OET is widely recognized as verification of English capability for enrollment, studying and work within the healthcare sector, and enhances your language skills that helps career.

Are you in need some help preparing for OET or maybe planning to take an English test for a better career? Are you planning to work or study in the field of healthcare in Qatar, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Dubai or Singapore ? Then OET is the test for you!

Key benefits

Healthcare  organizations and regulators study OET because it helps them to choose healthcare experts with the correct level of English capability to provide secure and tall quality care.


Our training program helps you utilize the language abilities you learn quickly, and for the rest of your career.


Test materials that reflect working
 scenarios to help you
prepare and be confident on the test day.


We provide professional support for
every students 24/7 during and after the course.

Full time teachers, guaranteed quality

  • Because of our higher ratio of full time teachers, Excellence training center are able to provide more number of hours for each subject which helps increase the pass rates substantially.
  • Furthermore full time teacher come more prepared leading to a more effective class.

Helpline service

  • Excellence encourage their teachers to give out contact details to the students so that where any student has any problem he/she can contact the teacher directly.

Competitive prices

  • Prices are quite competitive even after no compromise in quality.


For more information, contact our course advisors : +974 44360225