This course develops general and foundational management skills needed by today's managers and business leaders. Candidates attending this course will familiarize themselves with the core management functions critical to perform day to day activities. The course also introduces participants to coaching and mentoring as a way of getting things done by subordinates. Finally candidates will be introduced to the concept of Leadership, and understand why they need to lead as well as manage if they intend to maintain a healthy work environment while achieving the objectives of the organisation.

Certification & Recognition

Upon completion of an exam, the candidates will be awarded the certification "Certified Strategic Manager" from IQN U.K. This course is accredited by University of the West of Scotland. The course is recognized in the U.K Qualifications Framework through  SCQF (Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework) and the European Qualifications Framework.

You will also get an certificate Excellence Training Centre that can be attested from Qatar Chamber and MOFA Qatar.



Course Methodology & Objectives

This course mainly relies on active participation in class room while discussing real life business scenario. Also candidates will have to do several management tasks as assignments to a satisfactory level before they can claim their certification.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the various management functions and the skills associated with each one of them.
  • Develop key managerial competencies essential in conducting related tasks and activities.
  • Apply a coaching approach to improve performance and maximize results.
  • Distinguish between types of motivational approaches and when to utilize each.
  • Employ a variety of analytical and problem-solving tools and methods when dealing with business challenges.
  • Improve essential leadership habits critical to the success of a professional manager.
Target Audiance
  • Department heads
  • Senior supervisors
  • Managers
  • Others who need to develop or sharpen their managerial skills.
Target Competencies
  • Planning and organizing
  • Coordinating and controlling
  • Managing and motivating employees
  • Coaching employees
  • Decision making
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Defining mutual expectations and accountabilities
Course Outline


Certified Professional Manager Course Outline
  • Management
    • Defining the organization
    • Defining management
      • Identifying the professional manager
      • What do professional managers do?
      • Professional managers and business ethics
    • Management: art or science?
    • Factors which impact the management function
  • Essential managerial functions
  • Managerial competencies and styles
    • Defining a competency
    • Key competencies for a professional manager
    • A review of different management styles
    • Factors that influence management styles
  • Reasons why some managers fail?
  • Effective coaching for professional managers
  • Impact of coaching on workplace environment
  • Management & Motivation - Key motivational theories
  • Job design
  • Goal setting
  • Performance Management and Reward Systems
  • Motivating a multi-cultural workforce
  • Modern business challenges and their management
  • A rational approach to managing problems and finding solutions
  • Business tools for professional managers
  • Leadership vs Management


Digital Badge & Digital Certifcate
  • We will issue the CSM digital badge and digital certificate as soon as you will successfully pass the exam.
  • Email ID provided by you at the time of exam registration must be absolutely correct since we will send instruction about your digital credentials to this email ID.
  • Our digital credentials are issued through Credly. Organisations will be able to verify your credential online. You will be able to print your digital certificate through Credly account.
  • Credly lets you share your digital badge to popular destinations such as LinkedIn. You may also copy the badge URL to paste on the resume and email signature.
  • In case you need a hard-copy certificate, additional fees (£99) will be applicable.
  • By successfully passing the CSM exam, you will become authorised to use the CSM post-nominal letters after your name for 15 (fifteen) years.
  • There is NO charge any annual membership or subscription fee.
  • Maintaining the standards for the CSM designation is crucial for your professional growth and fluency within the industry. For recertification, you will need to appear in the CSM exam just once in every 15 (fifteen) years.
  • Recertification ensures that all CSM credential holders are maintaining the required level of knowledge and competence.