PTE is the world’s leading language assessment test that assesses an individual’s command of the English language. If you wish to migrate to countries like the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, or any other PTE approved country, Excellence Training Center is providing PTE training in Qatar. The examination is designed for candidates interested in pursuing higher education or migrating to an English-speaking country.

Why is PTE Important?

PTE is an important exam as it certifies a candidate’s English language proficiency for study or residency in a country based on a computer test. Pearson Test of English includes 3 parts and comprises diverse sections in the English language. The test includes Speaking & Writing, Reading and Listening sections. PTE Academic is accepted by 3,000+ institutions worldwide, including prestigious universities like Oxford University, Harvard Business School, and Yale. 


 The PTE exam is conducted in formats: PTE Academic Exam, PTE General Exam.

PTE Academic

This test can be taken throughout the year as per the test taker’s convenience and available dates. The candidate’s reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are tested in this test format. The test is delivered on a computer at a secured exam center. 

PTE General

 This test consists of two parts: a written paper and spoken test like an interview, where both parts evaluate the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of the test taker with a more realistic approach.

PTE Test Format

PTE is a three-hour test session with three main sections: speaking and writing (together), listening and reading. There are twenty different question formats, ranging from multiple choice questions to essay writing and interpreting information.


30–43 minutes

This part of the test contains eight question types and tests your listening skills, through a series of audio and video clips.



29–30 minutes

This part of the test contains five different question types, and tests your ability to read academic English. One item type assesses both writing and reading skills.


Speaking & Writing

54–67 minutes

This part of the test contains seven different question types. You will be tested on both your speaking and writing skills, and will use English you might hear in an academic environment.


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Why Excellence Training Centre?

  We are the top training providers for PTE in Qatar. We provide you:

Full time teachers, guaranteed quality

  • We have a higher ratio of full time teachers for PTE exam preparations.
  • Therefore we are able to provide more number of hours for each subjects.
  • As a result we are able to deliver pass rates.
  • Above all full time teacher come more prepared. Therefore classes will be more effective.

Helpline service

  • We encourage our teachers to give out contact details to the students of PTE in Qatar. Therefore any student has any problem he/she can contact the teacher directly.

Competitive prices

  • Prices are quite competitive even after no compromise in quality. In short, we are the most affordable and highest quality training providers for PTE in Qatar.

Customized Note

  • Our trainers will provide you with standardized and copyrighted materials of Excellence Training Centre specifically made for PTE students.
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