Train the Trainer (UK Level 4 ELP) course is ideal for corporate trainers, school teachers, counselors and consultants. Get multiple certificates from Qatar and UK.

Program Benefits
  1. Practical training including dedicated hours of practice.
  2. Globally recognised certification at the end of the program. HABC and OTHM UK are 2 of the most recognised and respected OFQUAL approved awarding bodies.
  3. Choice of optional units depending on your exact scope of teaching and training.
  4. Multiple certification after doing a single course.
  5. Get your "Excellence Train the Trainer Certificate" attested from Qatar Chamber and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You can earn multiple certifications after completing our Train the Trainer program.

  • Train the Trainer certificate (attested) from Excellence Training Qatar


  • HABC Level 4 TTT (Train the Trainer) or  ELP Level 4 PPTT from OTHM Qualifications U.K

Everyone completing the course will earn Excellence Train the Trainer certificate and either one of the HABC's or OTHM's endorsed certificate depending on the choice of the candidate.


The syllabus is a combination of mandatory units + optional units that the candidates can choose from.


  • Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training.
  • Planning to meet the needs of learners in education and training.
  • Delivering education and training.
  • Assessing learners in education and training.
  • Using resources for education and training.
  • Adults vs Young Learners
  • Lesson Planning
  • Use of Technology in Classrooms
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Lesson Planning & Instructional Strategies
  • Classroom Management & Administration
  • Educational Psychology
  • Nutrition, Hygiene, Health & Safety basics for Teachers & Trainers


  • Action learning to support development of subject specific pedagogy
  • Action research
  • Assess occupational competence in the work environment
  • Assess vocational skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Assessment and support for the recognition of prior learning through the accreditation of learning outcomes
  • Delivering employability skills
  • Develop and prepare resources for learning and development
  • Develop learning and development programmes
  • Developing, using and organising resources within a specialist area
  • Effective partnership working in the learning and teaching context
  • Engage learners in the learning and development process
  • Engage with employers to develop and support learning provision
  • Engage with employers to facilitate workforce development
  • Equality and diversity
  • Evaluating learning programmes
  • Identify individual learning and development needs
  • Identify the learning needs of organisations
  • Inclusive practice
  • Internally assure the quality of assessment
  • Manage learning and development in groups
  • Preparing for the coaching role
  • Preparing for the mentoring role
  • Preparing for the personal tutoring role
  • Principles and practice of lipreading teaching
  • Specialist delivery techniques and activities
  • Teaching in a specialist area
  • Understanding and managing behaviours in a learning environment
  • Understanding and managing behaviours in a learning environment
  • Understanding the principles and practices of externally assuring the quality of assessment
  • Understanding the principles and practices of internally assuring the quality of assessment
  • Working with the 14-19 age range in the learning environment
  • Analysing English language for literacy and language teaching
  • Reading skills for literacy and language teaching
  • Speaking and listening skills for literacy and language teaching
  • Writing skills for literacy and language teaching
  • Using mathematics: academic subjects
  • Using mathematics: personal and public life
  • Using mathematics: professional and vocational contexts
Duration & Fees

Training fee: QAR 7,000
Mid-term exam fee: QAR 400
Final exam fee: QAR 400
Total: QAR 7,800

The following discounts are available:

  • Cash payment discount
  • Early registration discount
  • Group registration discounts

*Installment option also available.

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