The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) are unique in the fact that they are not just digital. They know that marketing is complex and that digital activity needs to integrate and align with the broader marketing strategy. The CIM offer a selection of digital marketing modules, from Digital Essentials to Digital Strategy, providing insight into how organisations can implement digital marketing capabilities into their strategic planning.

You can combine a digital module with other modules to build a full marketing qualification, or choose to study them on their own to gain a bite-sized award. Wherever you are in your marketing career, we’re here to support you in your learning and development to reach the next stage.

Which Digital Marketing Course is right for you? 

Professional Academy have a long history of pairing students with the right course based on their experience, qualifications and career aspirations so we always recommend talking to an adviser but below is an overview of the CIM Digital Marketing Qualifications available:

CIM Foundation Certificate in Marketing (Digital Essentials)

The CIM Foundation Certificate is the starting point for those looking to move into a career in marketing. It is now possible to start your career in marketing with a grounding in the digital essentials as well as developing the marketing fundamentals needed to succeed on your chosen career path. 

CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing (Digital Marketing)

The CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing was reassessed in the latter months of 2014 to include a digital marketing module which covers the tactical applications and uses of digital within your marketing role. The course is ideal for somebody actively working in a tactical marketing role (marketing executive or similar) and allows those studying the course to develop their digital marketing skills. 

CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing (Digital Strategy) 

The CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing holds a unique standing in the marketing qualification environment and has been created for Marketing Managers in which Digital is a core element of their marketing proposition but a purely digital approach is not the right option for their role and/or organisation. The course focuses on the the strategic side of digital marketing and is ideal for marketing managers looking to expand their digital marketing knowledge in terms of applying digital marketing practices to improve your businesses impact across the ever growing and changing digital landscape. 

*New* CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing

Launched in July 2017 the CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing is the UK's first QCF Level 6 Digital Marketing Qualification and has been developed from the ground up by the CIM. The Level 6 Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing has been developed following extensive global employer-led research including small businesses, international organisations and numerous marketers across a range of marketing and business functions. Focusing on strategic digital thinking the CIM Digital Diploma allows marketers to build digital strategies to best suit their customers digital journey and improve conversions alongside reimagining their user experience.