Professional Certification in Videograpy and Video Editing

This Certification in Videography and Editing program provides students with the opportunity to create projects using digital video (DV) & High Definition Video (HDV). The curriculum provides training in DV/HDV/DSLR camera technology & lighting. Through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training, acquire the skills necessary for digital film making. Our faculty of industry professionals guide you through the process and emphasizes the skills needed to produce a quality DV/HDV/DSLR production from pre-production to final output.

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The production of motion picture particularly the non-theatrica film can be highly personal undertaking. The coming generation of filmakers may find today’s standard filming method and can even change for the better. Filming methods are continuously changing. Learn the right way to film, learn different styles and techniques and learn how to involve your audiences.
At the end of the course, the learner will master fundamental skills in videography and will be able to conceptualize, shoot, edit creatively.
  1. Videographer
  2. Video Editing

Lesson 1:

  • The camera - how it works
  • Exposure
  • Color temperature
  • Setting exposure on a video camera
  • Setting exposure on a film camera Lenses
  • Depth of field

Lesson 2:

  • The camera  -  a tool for selective vision
  • Rule of thirds
  • Balance - lending looks
  • Balance - masses
  • Balance - colors
  • Angles
  • Frames within a frame
  • Leading lines
  • Backgrounds
  • In search of good composition

Lesson 3:

  • How a basic sequence works
  • Shooting a basic sequence
  • Cutting on the action
  • Clean entrance/clean exit

Lesson 4:

  • Screen direction and crossing the line
  • Using screen direction to solve shooting problems
Lesson 5: 
  • Making camera moves
Lesson 6: 
  • Montages
Lesson 7: 
  • Lighting

Lesson 8:

  • Vibrating bodies create spherical sound waves
  • Sound waves
  • Record clean sound
  • Wild effects
  • Recording voices and presence
Lesson 9: 
  • Planning and shooting a sequence
  • Shooting scripts and storyboards
  • Shooting out of sequence
  • Communicating
  • Works Ibn uncontrolled situations
Lesson 10: 
  • Editing
Duration:  2 Months (52 Hours)
Entry Requirements: Open
Certification: After successful completion, students will award  Diploma in Videography and Editing from leading media college in UK.
Fee: 6,000 QAR and £150 for Examination & Certification
Training Language: English & Arabic