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How does ACCA  Accounting and Business Qualification Works?

Accounting and Business Qualification is a professional level qualification awarded by the internationally recognized ACCA body for professional accountants.

The ACCA Accounting and Business Qualification is made up of three papers and introduces you to the core areas of financial and management accounting as well as general business principles and theories. They are assessed either by Computer Based Exams (available on demand) or by paper based exams in March, June, September, and December. Computer based exams are available in Qatar at Excellence Training Centre.

Why Study ACCA (Recognition)?

- 180 countries around the world statutory recognition

- Started in 1904 and maintained high quality of education since then

- More than 500,000 students and members around the world

- Respected by the employers around the world

Learn about the ACCA courses we offer from here. Or learn more about ACCA from here.

Why study with Excellence Training?

  • We are teaching ACCA since 7 Years in Qatar with 95% system generated pass rate due to our intense mock and exam preparation procedures.
  • Excellence Training Centre is the only training provider for ACCA in Qatar who has been listed and approved by the ACCA. Our students makes us what we are today. Our students have scored many nation wide positions in ACCA exams in the past 6 years.
  • Excellence is a training centre with full time lecturers and special student development lecturers to help students one on one.
  • We have an award winning local and foreign visiting faculty, who have produced several global prize winners across various subjects, courses and countries.
  • Special notes/slides will be provided to our students that make it extremely easy for them to study ACCA and pass in addition to the official study material approved by ACCA body.
  • We have an outstanding pass rate in both foundation and professional levels of ACCA. We have managed to get many nationwide and worldwide positions.
  • Excellence Training Centre is the market leader in all major finance and accountancy qualifications like  CFA , CIMA and ACCA in Qatar. We are also the exam centre for ACCA, CIMA, and CPA Australia.
  • We have been recognized by various professional bodies for our quality e.g. we are one of the only two approved tuition providers in the Middles East for CFA. And also the only CPA Australia exam centre in Qatar.
  • Revision classes (QBR program) These are separate revision classes taught by an expert trainer for a particular subject. Main focus of these classes is to make the students who study ACCA in Qatar equipped with exam techniques and to pass the exam in the first attempt. The fee for regular registered students is included in the packages as above. For unregistered students the fee is QAR 600 per subject for revision classes only. Students will be given a separate QBR card once they register for this program.
  • Video recorded lectures are available : Excellence Training centre is the only institute in Qatar to provide students with HQ video recorded facility for every single class of ACCA/FIA. We believe that no student of Excellence Training Centre will miss any class due to the benefit of our video recorded lectures.

Summary of the broader content included:

Subject Name : Accountant in Business (Code F1)

  • Business organization, structure, governance and management
  • Environmental influences and constraints on business and accounting
  • History and role of accounting in business
  • Specific functions of accounting and internal financial control
  • Leading and managing individuals and teams

Subject Name : Management Accounting (Code F2)

  •  The nature and purpose of cost and management accounting
  •  Cost classification, behavior and purpose
  •  Business mathematics and electronic spreadsheets
  •  Cost-accounting techniques
  •  Short-term decision making techniques

Subject Name : Financial Accounting (Code F3)

  • The context and purpose of financial reporting
  • The qualitative characteristics of financial information and the fundamental bases of accounting
  • The use of double entry and accounting systems⦁ Recording transactions and events
  • Preparing a trial balance
  • Preparing basic financial statements
  • The basics of group accounting

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Frequently asked questions:

What’s Next after ACCA Accounting and Business Qualification?

  • This course demonstrates your ability to start working in any business or accounting job
  •  You can continue to complete the advanced and BSC degree from oxford Brookes and MSC from university of London.

What if this course is of higher level for me and I want to start from the very basics of accounting and business?

  • You can join our Foundation program accredited by ACCA UK that is very well recognized course for beginners.

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