Excellence Training Scholarship Programs

Excellence Training Centre is proud to be the awarder of the largest number of professional education scholarships in Qatar. Our scholarship programs falls into two categories mainly:

Need based scholarship: Where the candidate is financially weak and cannot afford to pay the fees to peruse his studies with us.

Merit based scholarship: Where the candidate has shown exceptionally good performance in his/her academic or extra-curricular activities.

General information on scholarships:

In both of the categories we award up to 100% scholarship after considering each case individually.

Application procedure

  1. Candidate willing to get scholarships have to first show an intention for the same. This can be done via emailing their details at info@excellence.qa or contacting one of our counsellors directly.
  2. After the initial discussion with the counsellor, the candidate is asked to write an essay on why they should be given the scholarship.
  3. The candidate will also be asked to provide supporting documents as an evidence for the candidates’ claim based on need or merit.
  4. Finally the candidate has to go through one on one interview with our CEO who decides whether the scholarship will be awarded and what percentage.

Award Notification

On the same day of the interview the candidate, if the candidate is successful in getting the scholarship, he/she will be issued a scholarship letter giving out complete details of the scholarship awarded.

Selection Criteria

  • Academic performance based on review of transcripts from all past institutions (if applicable)
  • SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL scores
  • Extracurricular involvement
  • Faculty recommendation (for existing students)
  • Writing ability
  • Creativity as demonstrated in the essays

Scholarship Renewal

Excellence scholarships are generally awarded for all papers the candidate would study with us in any given qualification. However the candidate has to meet performance targets like attendance and mock scores to continue being eligible for the scholarship.