Customer sophistication ... fierce competition ... commoditization ... price obsession ... complex sales cycles ... globalization ... changes in buying behaviours. Even in the face of these challenges, new sales opportunities are pursued and won.
Today you have to sell more efficiently and effectively than ever before. You face stiffer competition, more knowledgeable customers, tougher market conditions, and more ambitious quotas and targets; and if you are like most salespeople, you’re looking for any advantage you can find.
Professional Selling Skills (PSS) System III will give you that advantage – whether you’re a new salesperson just learning how to sell or an old hand refining and improving your selling techniques.
The PSS III program is based on extensive research and observation of real sales people on real sales calls. The skills you will learn are those which were identified as making the difference between success and failure on a sales call.
No matter what you sell, which markets you sell in, or what kinds of customers you sell to, PSS System III will sharpen your skills and improve your sales performance.
During PSS III, you’ll learn how to improve your control of sales calls by:
• Prepare for a sales call.
• Analyse your own selling performance both during and after calls.
• Analyse the performance of others.

You will also learn a common selling language that will help you to:
• Setting a direction at the beginning of a sales call.
• Asking the “right” questions during a call.
• Listening to ensure understanding.
• Recognising and making sure you are dealing with customer needs.
• Communicating how your product or service will satisfy those needs.
• Recognising and handling constantly changing customer attitudes.
• Closing in a way that is most likely to secure customer commitment
• Junior and Senior Sales People   • Sales Supervisors    • Territory Sales Managers / Small Business Owners
What Is Professional Selling Skills System III?
PSS System III is an integrated learning system designed to develop the skills needed to conduct effective face-to-face sales calls.
The original PSS system was introduced in the mid-1970 by Learning International UK. The system was revised in the mid- 1990’s and again in mid-2000. Each revision was a result of extensive research to identify any changes in the skills or in the strategies required for effective face-to-face sales performance.
To date, over 3 Million salespeople from over 200,000 organisations in the UK, USA, Western Europe, Australasia, The Middle East and Asia have participated in and benefited from PSS training.
How Does the Seminar Work?
PSS III is divided into eight units, each covering one or more skills:

• Unit 1: Need Satisfaction Selling
• Unit 2: Probing
• Unit 3: Supporting
• Unit 4: Closing
• Unit 5: Recognising Customer Attitudes
• Unit 6: Handling Skepticism
• Unit 7: Handling Indifference
• Unit 8: Handling Objections

During the seminar, you will participate in a number of different activities. For example, you will be:
  • Reading and completing written exercises.

  • Participating in group discussions.

  • Listening and responding to stimulated sales situations.

  • Participating in role plays.

PSS III will put you into typical selling situations. You’ll be involved in these situations, as a sales person and also as a customer, which will improve your understanding of both sides of a sales call.
In the first few units, you’ll be asked to tackle relatively easy selling situations; but as the seminar progresses, the situations will become more challenging. 
The only preparation you’ll need for the seminar is the will to invest both time and effort in learning the skills. If you’re willing to make the investment, you’ll find PSS III an extremely rewarding experience.

David Selva
Trainer | Chartered Marketer (UK) | FAIM (Australia) | MAMA (USA) | MCIPD (UK)
David Selva works with sales teams and business owners who want bigger better faster sales for the past 24 years. He specializes in training salespeople and their managers in the principles, strategies, and tactics of Professional Value-Added Selling.
David has helped improve business top lines and bottom lines for a diverse range of industries including business services, hospitality, travel, finance, technology, insurance, pharmaceutical, media and telecommunications. He has held executive and sales/marketing leadership positions in national and global performance improvement companies, where he developed a reputation as an industry leader in developing and motivating sales organisations to drive improved business performance. 
David Selva obtained his qualification of The Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing in June 1992 from The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM-UK) and Diploma in Human Resource Training and Development from theChartered Institute of Personnel & Development (UK).
David is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM). He is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (FAIM) and a Member of the American Management Association (AMA) as well as Member of the Chartered Institute Personnel & Development (CIPD – UK).
In 1998 David won the world award for Principles and Practices of Selling, awarded by CIM (UK).
“I found the content, structure, pace, role plays and most importantly the delivery more than met my requirements and certainly exceeded the expectations of my team. They were all engaged for 3 pretty lengthy days and David Selva managed to get great interaction and contribution from each of them. I have picked up with most of them subsequently and each has confirmed that they felt the course was very beneficial and that they now feel more confident in knowing how to better plan/structure their calls to enable them to get the best possible chance of success. Questioning (and listening) linking to the delivery of the features and benefits was an area which I asked you to particularly focus on and I found that section probably the most rewarding as I could see the 'penny dropping' for quite a few of them there and then!!”

Laura Smith, Brand Activation Controller – Catalyst Brands UK

“I would like to thank David Selva for the excellent delivery and content of the Professional Selling Skills program. All the team including those in senior positions for 25 years plus confirmed that they had not only found the content relevant and the delivery engaging but they all found parts that they would be putting into practice. I thank David for his personal touch.”

Adrian Appleby, Sales Director – Direct Line Group Insurance UK

“Tractel had a team with varying degrees of experience and sales history so we decided to put the whole sales force on a bespoke course. This meant that we could tailor the content and role plays for the specifics of our industry, strategy and route to market. The course content and delivery was well received by the sales team and we resulted in renewed focus and improved sales performance.”

Brian Lou, Sales Manager – Tractel UK

“I found David Selva to be responsive, flexible and most of all committed to delivering a first class Programme. He invested the time to understand our business, culture and current challenges and was, therefore, able to create a bespoke Programme that addressed all of our needs and requirements. The training was delivered in a professional and contemporary manner and received great plaudits from the delegates.”

Arun Meta, Regional Sales Director - Midas Cars UK

 DAY - 1
Introduction to Professional Selling
• What is Professional Selling
• Professional Selling Skills Set & Mind Set
• Activity – The Perfect Sales Person

Professional Selling Skills Set (Probing)
• Types of Probes
• The OPEN Question Selling Techniques

Need Satisfaction Selling
• Needs and Opportunities
• Controlling a Conversation
• Using the Power of Questions

Activity - Probing Role Play

Listen & Know Your FAB (Skills Set)
• The Importance of Listening
• Features, Advantages, and Benefits
• FTB Sales Technique
• Identifying Customer’s Decision Criteria

Supporting – Role Play
Recognizing Customer Attitudes
• Types of Objections
• The APAC Objections Handling Model
• Handling The Most Common Objection - Price
Closing Techniques
DAY - 3
The Professional Selling Mind Set
• The Right State of Mind to Sell 
• The More “No’s” You Get
• Visualise Your Sale

Know What You Are Selling Inside and Out
Handling Objections & Closing Role Play
Understanding Buyer Types & Follow-Up
• Personality Styles
• What is Your Personality Styles? 
• Selling to Different Buyer Styles 
• After Sales & Follow-Up

Review Game
Level: Boot Camp.
Duration: 3 Days.
Dates: 26,27 & 28 February 2017.
Venue: Millennium Hotel- Doha, Qatar.
Price: 7,500 QAR Only (Price includes Tuition, Course Materials,Certificate, Lunch and Refreshment).
Discount: Multiple Booking (30%) and Booked before 12, February 2017 (20%).