PMP Success Story – Miss Amal Asad

The journey of enrolling into the PMP program, preparing and finally sitting for the exam and getting certified is a challenging, interesting and rewarding journey. I have met several people who have successfully completed their PMP and different people succeed using different strategies. In this article I will be highlighting what was my strategy.

Why I choose PMP : I have been working for a multinational company in Doha, Qatar for over 5 years. After working for the same company for so long, I started noticing that my colleagues were getting preference when it came to promotions or additional responsibilities. That was happening even when I had more experience and was more dedicated. After blaming my management for sometime, I finally realized the mistake was mine. After doing my Bachelors’ degree, I had not got any additional qualification was was outdated. Hence, on the advice of my boss, in order to upgrade myself I embarked on a journey to get PMP certified.

How long did it take? I took six months to complete the PMP. The reason for that was, initially I had attempted to do self study using the PMBOK. However after spending hours and hours with the PMBOK, I realsised I was actually wasting my time and I needed a clear strategy and guidance to pass the exam. I spent around 4 months preparing on my own. Then, I started looking for a good training centre to help me. After doing careful analysis of several centres, I chose Excellence Training Centre and now I am happy I had made the right decision. I took 35 hours of training with Excellence and withing weeks of completing the training, I was confident enough to schedule an exam.

What study resources did you use and what was your strategy? I have used a little bit of everything, but what really worked for me is given below. After wasting some time trying to figure out which resources to use, I finally came up with this:

  1. Start with doing online research about PMP and the different options you have: This is very important because this will help you find out whether PMP is what you were looking for and also it will help you choose the right PMP Exam Prep Provider. I am thankful to Excellence Training Centre because they allowed me to sit in one class for free, where I asked the trainer a lot of questions, both about the PMP itself and also on how to pass the exam.
  2. Take a live 35 contact hours training: Firstly it is mandatory meaning you can not write the PMP exam without taking 35 hours of training. Secondly taking a live class means you can work closely with your trainer and clarify all the doubts you have live. Also, you can meet a lot of other students who can further support and guide you in your PMP journey.
  3. Choose an appropriate study text to help you: One of the best things I loved about Excellence Training Centre is that in our first class, the trainer showed us several of the PMP study texts and asked us to choose from one, based on our learning style. I choose Rita Mulcahy’s book because it was very comprehensive and exam focused. I think I had made a good choice.
  4. Compliment your studies with a lot of question practice: I had practiced a lot of PMP questions before going for the real exam and hence I was very confident when attempting the actual exam.

I would like to thank Excellence Training Centre Qatar to help me in passing my PMP exam and also giving me the opportunity to share my PMP story. I am very proud of myself for choosing the right qualification and also the right tuition provider.


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