This course will introduce students to the video production pipeline. We will explore various techniques of video editing (such as cuts, retiming, color grading and filters), we will familiarize ourselves with the fundamentals of audio, study visual effects techniques (such as masking, camera tracking and animation), learn shorthand workflow secrets and be fully prepared to tackle real world projects independently.


• Have a firm grasp on the IT behind video production.
• Acquire solid understanding of the editing and arranging process.
• Understand the basic principles of design, layout and composition.
• Learn the principles of animation and the animation process.
• Acquire a solid understanding of color, visual language and grading.
• Understand the compositing process with solid techniques.
• Familiarize yourself with the audio editing process.
• Learn to manage assets and stay organized for collaboration.
• Learn how to publish for various platforms and medians.
• Learn batch processing and automation techniques.


• Enthusiasts willing to make a career in video production.
• Digital marketing professionals can greatly benefit by learning how to produce their own digital content and videos.
• This foundations course is great for those interested in getting into animation and motion as this will provide them a solid foundation.
• Bloggers & VBloggers interested in producing their own content.
• Video professionals who wish to expand their scope of work with VFX.
• People of various careers who wish to take their presentation skills to the next level.
• Musicians willing to produce their own music videos.
• Home hobbyists and enthusiasts.


1. Introduction & Anatomy of Digital Content & Technologies
2. Fundamentals of Design: Layouts, Composition & Color
3. Understanding Timelines & Frames
4. Getting Acquainted with Adobe After Effects
5. Asset Management & Organization
6. Exploring The Effects Library
7. Advanced Techniques: Alpha Channels & Masking
8. Advanced Techniques: Animations & The Graph Editor
9. Advanced Techniques: Virtual Cameras & Camera Tracking
10. Advanced Techniques: Motion & Object Tracking
11. Getting Acquainted With DaVinci Resolve
12. Video Editing: Making Cuts, Transitions & Time Control
13. Advanced Color Grading & Correction
14. Exploring Resolve’s Effects & Filters
15. Introduction & the Fundamentals of Audio
16. Exporting for Various Formats



  • Fee: 4000 QAR
  • Venue: Excellence Training Centre
  • Duration:  2 Months



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  • Email : info@excellence.qa