The Brand Management Masterclass provides delegates with insights to help them plan, create and maintain a healthy purpose-led brand. Delegates will gain skills and ideas to form effective brand building strategies. Central to this course is the identification of a unifying purpose that will define the greater value the brand provides and through its purpose.

Successful brands are built on hard-earned reputations, but the loss of a reputation may be catastrophic. It takes years to build a good reputation and so it is advisable to have the right strategies in place to protect your investment online and offline.

This masterclass is designed to help you create a strategy for a successful global brand. The three-day course will provide strategic insights into the process
for your transformation and enable you to evaluate your existing strengths and weaknesses. Consider how to grow your brand across international and
cultural boundaries and avoid letting your brand get lost in translation.

Training Topics

Brand Expansion

The meaning of brands
• Principles – Definitions, historical context, advantages
• Reason for being – Benefit the brand provides, aims and aspirations
• Brand archetypes – The psyche of the brand
• Equity and valuation – Types of equity, architecture and valuation
• Employer branding – How to attract, retain and engage

Brand Protection

Expanding your brands reach
• Evolution - From value to premium brand
• From manufacturer to brand – Transform from manufacturer
to brand owner
• Natural resource – Capitalising on a nations’ natural assets
• Migration – Developing new markets through the movement
of expatriates
• National Culture – Brand building through cultural assets
• Brand Acquisition – Accessing markets by buying trusted  Brands

Brand Purpose

Protecting your investment
• Innovation – Value of design and creativity
• Customer experience – Customer journey and touchpoint performance
• Brand Identity – The elements and aesthetics of identification
• Brand Guardians – Brand book, Guidelines and Intellectual  Property
• Reputation Management – Reputation protection and risk management

Key Information About the Course

Level: Master Class

Duration: 3-Day Programme

Date: 2nd-5th September 2019

Fee: 7500QAR

Awarding: Excellence Training Centre

Contact: +974 7442 2210 | +974 7060 3669

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How Will You Benefit?

In a crowded and constantly changing world, Brands stand apart from the competition to provide sense and order to their customers. A strong brand reputation helps to engage better staff, win valuable contracts, attract quality suppliers and earn customer loyalty.

This program provides attendees with a holistic understanding of how to create, manage and sustain an effective brand strategy. Delegates will learn through contemporary case studies, relevant exercises and group conversation.

Attendees will examine which measures they can take to minimise the risks of damaging their brand’s reputation. The course will cover methods to measure external perception and explain what a brand can do when something goes wrong.

What Will You Learn?

• Defining the brand: Personality, Mind and Heart
• Organising the brand: Single Brand, Branded, Endorsed and Hybrid
• Brand valuation: models of equity and valuation
• Brand motivation purpose, vision and values
• Brand psychology: personality profiling and archetypes
• Brand as community: ethos, leadership, ambassadors and champions
• Brand aesthetics: identity through name, logo, colour and type
• Brand experience: touchpoints, customer journeys and social media
• Employer Brand: attraction, retention and engagement
• Brand protection: intellectual property, reputation and risk management

Is This Course For You?

This Brand Strategy Masterclass is designed for people responsible for growing and protecting their brand(s) value. The attendees will ideally have the influence to manage and instigate strategic brand communications.

This course is for Marketing professionals, Marketing Executives, Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors, HR, Internal Communications, Managing
Directors, Business Owners, from start-ups to established enterprises.

How Will You Learn?

• Contemporary and historic real-world examples and analysis
• Review and discussion
• Team exercises and role play
• Creativity and expression
• Video examples
• Self-assessment and action planning
• Bring a laptop or tablet, paper and pens and make notes and research
• Internationally experienced Course Director and TEDx Speaker with three bestselling brand strategy books

Paul Hitchens is a TEDx Speaker and the author of three bestselling books on branding published by Hodder Education: ‘Brand Management – In A Week’, ‘Successful Brand Management’ and ‘Create the Perfect Brand’. His experience in the creative industries spans three decades in advertising, branding, design and marketing.

He is a founding partner of Verve Brand Consultancy and has been interviewed on national radio and television, including; BBC, ITV and Channel5 News.

He is an experienced course director and has created and delivered popular courses and bespoke professional training in the UK and internationally since the publication of his first book in 2010.