This powerful 3-day programme will primarily focus on 2 learning outcomes, firstly to develop businesses on how to create better profitable product management results for their businesses and secondly prepare businesses to evolve from a traditional marketing communications approach to powerful go-to-market strategies using compelling digital and offline tools and integrated campaign techniques that gets results. Customers will be able to more clearly
see how your business can add value to complex challenges they face and address new market opportunities. The programme will blend knowledge on powerful digital marketing and offline strategies and tools and provide contemporary perspectives on how to deliver powerful digital campaigns and specific go-to-market methodologies.

In order to support sales enablement and create powerful lead opportunities, we will also focus on content marketing as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience - and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Each of the sessions will include powerful tools/frameworks, case studies and references, so participants will be able to see/establish how ‘best practice principles’ can be applied to digital strategy development and campaign execution and how this adds value both internally and externally.

Learning Outcomes

• Build profitable product strategies & drive smart actions and decisions for your products
• Prepare your people for strategic  change required for profitable product management
• Develop a compelling product portfolio based on value propositions
• Learn and apply powerful go-to-market execution strategies & tools
• Understand modern perspectives on digital transformation
• Ensure digital marketing strategy & customer value are aligned
• Learn powerful content marketing tools for sales enablement
• Reaching customer/persona types: influencers, users, buyers
• Optimise digital and social media channels for customer communications
• Account based digital marketing & sales alignment
• Manage competition and innovation with digital strategy
• Build go-to-market marketing quantitative and qualitative  measurement scorecards
• Optimise how you monitor/control performance with go-to-market campaigns

Key Information About the Course

Level: Advanced

Duration: 3-Day Programme

Date: 27th-29th October 2019

Fee: 7500QAR

Awarding: Excellence Training Centre

Contact: +974 7442 2210 | +974 7060 3669

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Topics Covered

• Product Strategy & Planning
• Modern Definitions of “Product”
• Profit & Portfolio Planning
• Product Market Context - Analysing Product Portfolio
• New Product & Value Proposition Development Process
• Ideation-Execution Stage-gating process
• Value proposition development
• Working with the Channel/Intermediaries
• Creative Thinking/Idea generation and screening group activity
• GTM Product launch and post-launch management
• GTM Processes – Product Management & Product Marketing
• Product Launch Communications

Dr. Gopal Kutwaroo is a customer marketing, sales, strategy & leadership trainer/consultant & industry telecoms and software executive. 25 Years proven (VP/Senior Director) telecommunications and software industry (British Telecom Group, Siemens Telecoms, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, NCR, Nokia) career record of progressive success driving the strategic development and operational execution of customer-centric, B2B/B2C marketing and business development initiatives. Driven extensive customer centric and customer experience strategies, value proposition development, Go-to-Market (GTM) excellence, storytelling, multi-faceted marketing solutions, channels and alliances and strategic insights to accelerate growth and transition organizations from product-focused to customer-driven organizations.

Managed global teams of between 5-500, revenue accountability from £10m to £5bn and budget responsibility from £1m-£30m

Dr. Kutwaroo has developed and delivered in-company and public training/learning programmes for over 320 global organisations (over 2,500 delegates) in marketing, sales, digital marketing and strategy, leadership and channel-alliance management with average delegate satisfaction scores over 90%.