Given the importance of ‘the numbers’ for organisations commercial and not-for-profit, there’s never been a greater need for accountable marketing. This course will help you develop a more quantitative approach to developing, implementing and evaluating your marketing plans and associated activities. And it will also assist you with using the appropriate metrics to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing strategies and tactics.

Understand the critical importance of measuring and evaluating marketing activities and expenditure. You’ll be ready to invest in developing a metrics-oriented approach with the resources you’ve got. Prove your marketing actually works. You’ll leave the programme with some practical tools and techniques, along with a template, which you can use immediately to improve your accountability and credibility.

This workshop has been designed for people who understand the critical importance of measuring and evaluating their marketing activities and expenditure, and are ready to invest some time and brainpower in developing a metrics-oriented approach to doing the best they can with the resources they’ve got, and who want to prove
that their marketing actually works!

You’ll learn how to do this through a mixture of presentation slides, exercises, mini workshops, discussions and video. These will all be centered around comprehensive strategic marketing, metrics, analytics and an ROI case study – with the emphasis on actionable insight and application.

Learning Outcomes

• Build profitable marketing campaigns & drive smart actions and decisions for your products
• Design appropriate marketing metrics including digital
• How to calculate ROI/ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment).
• Establish links (statistical) between  market activities, performance and results.
• Determine what works and what doesn’t, and allocate your marketing budget accordingly -  ‘marketing optimisation’.
• Develop marketing plans with the emphasis on implementation, evaluation and feedback.
• Measure the efficiency and effectiveness of strategic (customer) and tactical  marketing (mix) activities – including digital/social media metrics and analytics.
• Create a ‘Marketing Dashboard’ or ‘Scorecard’ to focus effort and assess both effectiveness and ROI.
• Ensure that marketing is seen as accountable and adding value, if not pivotal to helping the organisation achieve its objectives.

Topics Covered

• Financial metrics
• Digital & Social Media Metrics
• Awareness Metrics
• Funnel & Attribution Metrics
• Return of marketing investment (ROMI)
• Share of hearts, minds and markets
• Product and portfolio management
• Customer profitability and customer lifetime value (CLV)
• Sales force and channel management
• Pricing strategy and price promotion management
• Creating smart objectives
• KPIs and measurement
• Metrics examples from specific industries.

Key Information About the Course

Level: Advanced

Duration: 2-Day Programme

Date: 12th-13th Novamber 2019

Fee: 5000QAR

Awarding: Excellence Training Centre

Contact: +974 7442 2210 | +974 7060 3669

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Dr. Gopal Kutwaroo is a customer marketing, sales, strategy & leadership trainer/consultant & industry telecoms and software executive. 25 Years proven (VP/Senior Director) telecommunications and software industry (British Telecom Group, Siemens Telecoms, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, NCR, Nokia) career record of progressive success driving the strategic development and operational execution of customer-centric, B2B/B2C marketing and business development initiatives. Driven extensive customer centric and customer experience strategies, value proposition development, Go-to-Market (GTM) excellence, storytelling, multi-faceted marketing solutions, channels and alliances and strategic insights to accelerate growth and transition organizations from product-focused to customer-driven organizations.

Managed global teams of between 5-500, revenue accountability from £10m to £5bn and budget responsibility from £1m-£30m

Dr. Kutwaroo has developed and delivered in-company and public training/learning programmes for over 320 global organisations (over 2,500 delegates) in marketing, sales, digital marketing and strategy, leadership and channel-alliance management with average delegate satisfaction scores over 90%.