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Why Attend

The world is packed with information; and most organizations struggle to recognize what information they have, why they need it, how long they need it for, and if it has any value.  Furthermore, changes in law, such as the recent changes in the UAE employment law, often call for tighter controls on contract documentation, and lead to a need for enhanced management of human resource and contract records. In addition, electronic information is under threat from cyber-attack and personal information is at risk of exposure. As such, the development and implementation of a records management program that includes document control methods to identify, secure and protect critical information, is necessary for every organization.This course conveys practical methods for identifying and developing the systems of records management and document control that an organization needs. By the end, each participant will have a plan of action as well as the necessary skills to assist with the development and implementation of an appropriate program for managing their organization’s documents, records and information.

Why choose Excellence Training for this course?

  • The most experienced and highly rated document control trainer in Qatar.
  • Very reasonable promo price of QR 2,500 after discount.
  • The only ILM approved document controller course in Qatar.
  • Guaranteed Pass!!!
  • Both local and international certificates in a single course.

The program covers the following topics:

  • The principles of managing information
    • The organization: How your information is managed today
    • Definitions: Understanding what the information terms mean
    • Document control and records management: Similarities and differences
    • Your organization
      • Identifying its type
      • Identifying its staff
      • Identifying its information
    • Defining information goals for the organization
      •  How to achieve information goals
  • Document control and records management program development process
    • Business case
      • Defining the purpose
      • What to include
      • Objectives of the case
        • Document Control specifics
        • Records Management specifics
    • Records review
      • Identification of documents and records
      • Critical information, documents and records
      • Electronic and physical formats
      • Storing records
  • Characteristics of a document control and records management program
    • File plans
      • Challenges and problems
      • Classification of records
    • Retention and disposition
      • Laws, regulations, standards and business requirements
      • Developing a retention schedule
    • Privacy and protection
      • Transparency
      • Integrity
      • Security
    • Business, historical and preservation archives
  • People, responsibilities and information awareness
    • Psychology of filing
    • Accountability
    • Communication and collaboration
    • Creating the information management message
    • Knowledge transfer
      •  Developing the education package
    • Sponsorship and guidance from senior management
  • Planning and action
    • Information management strategy
      • Development of a plan to deliver document and records management
      • Policy and guidance writing
      • Information asset register
      • Document control and records management process plans
      • Change management
    • Risk and recovery: Disaster prevention and continuity planning
    • Education program
    • Creating an action plan


The Certificate in Document Control is two months program where the participants to take at least three hours for training every week. The total number of hours are often increased and decreased for our corporate clients, depending on their requirement.


  • The standard fees for the course is QR 3,500. The following discounts are applicable.
  • Cash payment discount: 10%. If paying in installments, the students have to pay the fee in two equal installments. One has to be paid before the start of the course and one after the course ends.
  • Early registration discount: 10%.
  • Right now we are running a special promo where the course fee has been reduced to QR 2,500 only.

The above mentioned fees include:

  • Registration fees
  • Tuition fees
  • Study material charges
  • Exam fees
  • Certificate
Earn Four Certifications for the price of one!!!
  1. Diploma in Document Control Management (UK)
  2. Certificate of Aconex Certified Associate (Australia)
  3. Certificate in Essentials of Document Control Management (Qatar)
  4. Certificate in Practical Document Control Management (Qatar)
  • In Qatar, Document Control has become a very highly demanded profession over the past few years.
  • Employers are constantly looking for candidates qualified as document controllers, but in Qatar there are very few people with formal document control education.
  • Anyone holding an internationally recognized certificate in Document Control has a very high chance of landing a great document control job.

Some Document Control Jobs you can get

  • Technical Clerk
  • Document Controller
  • Senior/Lead Document Controller
  • Document Control Manager
  • Document Control Management Specialist
  • Consultant Data Controller
  • Information Manager

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