The Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA) is the most respected and recognized investment credential in the world. It provides you with a strong foundation of the real-world investment analysis and portfolio management skills and practical knowledge you need in today’s investment industry.

  • Key Facts about the CFA charter:
  • 90,000 CFA charter holders in over 135 countries
  • Regulatory bodies of 19 countries recognize CFA charter as a proxy for meeting certain licensing requirements
  • 125+ distinguished colleges and universities in the world have incorporated majority of the CFA program into their own courses    such as:
  • University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School
  • New York University; INSEAD
  • Peking University
  • Nanyang Technological University.


CFA Institute disclaimer

CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by Excellence Training Centre. CFA Institute, CFA®, and Chartered Financial Analyst® are trademarks owned by CFA Institute.


Investment & Finance Professionals such as Portfolio Managers, Research Analysts, Chief Executives, Financial Analysts, Finance Managers, Financial Advisors, Investment Banking Analysts etc – The CFA program is designed to complement investment professionals experience with a broad range of skills determined to be most relevant by investment practitioners and employers.

Career Changers – Many non-investment professionals, such as attorneys and accountants, choose to earn the CFA charter to gain broader professional expertise. completing the CFA program is a cost-effective way to gain the skills you need for success in today’s global investment profession

Students – If you are a student planning to enter the finance or investment profession, there is no better way to signal your commitment and your ability to perform at a high level than by enrolling in the CFA program, learning the skills you will need to succeed in the investment industry, and earning the CFA charter.


The CFA program curriculum is firmly grounded in the enduring knowledge and skills you will use every day in the investment profession, providing a comprehensive frame work of knowledge for investment decision making. The curriculum is designed to evolve each year to include new tools, ideas, and concepts to reflect the dynamic and complex nature of the global investment profession.



CFA Institute has over 140 societies world wide including Qatar. CFA Societies seek to provide opportunities for continuous professional development, volunteering and networking by organizing conferences, work shops and social events. CFA candidates and charter holders can benefit from these opportunities by becoming members of local societies.


Employer Recognition

CFA designation is almost becoming a necessity for investment and finance professionals in today’s competitive world. Employers recognize the CFA charter as a reliable way to differentiate the most qualified applicants and the most committed employees. The gold standard qualification is now listed as a requirement in many job advertisements.

Career Prospects

As a CFA charter holder  you can work in a variety of roles such as Chief executives, Financial Advisors, Portfolio Managers, Finance Managers etc. The CFA charter allows the investment practitioners to not only excel at their role but also gives you an edge in landing that dream job . Career changers and university students can also get the much needed break-through in investment industry by enrolling for CFA program.

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